Professional Salt®,

Online chlorine generator

professionnal salt électrolyseur de sel

Tailormade solution by saltwater chlorination

Professional Salt®, disinfection in all circumstances

Principle: From lightly salted water 5 kg/m3 (1/7th as much as oceanwater), PROFESSIONAL SALT® instantly transforms salt into natural chlorine (also called sodium hypochlorite), thanks to titanium electrodes. This active chlorine produced is a powerful oxidant-disinfectant which eliminates pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, algae, virus…) with high effectiveness. Once the work of disinfectant is done, and under UV effects, Salt recomposes automatically before being recycled into chlorine again.

Handpicking Solution

  • Modular conception to offer a tailorrmade solution according to any type of installation.
  • 3 sizes of compact and design devices available according to the number of control modules determined by the chlorine demand of the installation.
  • Build your own system for chlorine production up to 20 kg/day (for 24/24 filtration). We can meet higher chlorine requirements: contact us.
professionnal salt électrolyseur de sel
professionnal salt électrolyseur de sel
professionnal salt mini électrolyseur de sel


  • The exclusive Smart Power technology allows to work on any salinity from 2.5 g/l to 35 g/l..
  • Mix Technology : hardy and powerful, the electronic is developed to produce a larger chlorine quantity.
  • Numerous features facilitating installation and maintenance.
  • Evolutionary device : software updates, compatible with many options.


  • Disinfection safety : process is insured in case of the failure of a module or a chlorination cell thanks to the redundant conception.
  • If the pH sensor malfunctions, the instrument switches to dosing mode and maintains a stable pH value based on the history  (POOLSQUAD technology).
  • Alarm by written message and LED (from PS 210 model). 

Powerful production cells develop for an intensive use

  • Cell Lifespan : the high quality of electrode coating ensures an optimum lifespan (10 000 hours).
  • Transparent cell : to control easily cell state.
  • Effective maintenance : only worn electrodes have to be replaced on installation.
  • Automatic cell cleaning by progressive and
    memory polarity reversal to adapt automatically
    according to water hardness. This technology
    reduces significantly electrode scaling.

Intuitive display and navigation

  • Large backlit LCD screen (9 cm diagonal) for easy reading
  • Simple instructions available in 6 languages (FR, EN, IT, ES, PT, DE)
  • Simple control keys
  • LED status indicator

  • Numerous features : language, BOOST, salt adjustment, temperature, pH and chlore, pH and ORP calibration, pH calibration and pH manual injection, parameters, timer, history of the events.
pH probe pH regulation
ORP probe
Chlore salt probe

Progressive Solution

  • Predictive and smart pH regulation (optional), patented proportional process according to pool volume. It’s accurate correcting agent injection considers pool inertia to spread treatment product and it optimizes treatment product consumption.
  • ORP control (optional): control of oxidant production to avoid the risk of over chlorine production.

  • Amperometric regulation (optional): automatic free chlorine regulation according to pool volume. Its accurate correcting agent injection considers pool inertia.

Professional Salt®, the answer to all your needs


High disinfectant power removing almost all chloramines, harmful to the health of bathers and responsible for unpleasant odors. Chlorine is naturally transformed into salt in contact with UV rays.

Respect for bathers’ health

No more red eyes, no more itchy skin, no more chlorine odor, no more faded swimwear. No chlorine residue is discharged into the pool. An eco-responsible process for the well-being of the bathers.

Speed of installation and small size

Easy embedding into any kind of technical room thanks to the small size of device on collective swimming pool.

Ease of maintenance and eco-friendly

Removal of all problems due to transport, storage and handling of conditioned chlorine: cartridge masks, explosion hazards, containment of the chlorine storage area.


Significant reduction in transport, storage costs and treatment product removal: low cost of use, salt is half the cost of conditioned chlorine, storage in large quantities, drastic reduction in delivery lead time and constraints related to storage regulations.

According to frequency, there is a return on investment period of 2 years.

Local service

Effectiveness and ease of maintenance

frame with integrated cells

cell frame electrolysis cell

Modulable frame with integrated cells for an easy installation and maintenance: factory assembled cells are ready to use during installation. Number of cells according to pool demand: modulable frame allows to adapt the cell number according to installation need (from 2 to 8 cells).

Option :

connect pro saltwater pool

Thanks to a simple local network connection, you get remotely and real-time information on water quality and the device status: production (g/h, mV, ppm), pH, salt, value measures, history, temperature. In case of alarm, you get noticed on your management interface.

Professional Salt® installation diagram

Professional Salt® Documentation

Download the technical data sheet of all our models

Download commercial documentation

Word of a pro


When we started offering saltwater chlorinators for commercial pools in Turkey, we looked for the best offer on the market. PROFESSIONAL range meets our expectations with a chlorine production capacity far more chlorine generation capacity than the competition. Moreover, these devices are modular which means we can easily add various options such as pH predictive regulations and free-chlorine regulations.

M. Gokhan KIZIKKAN, ERIM KIMYA, (Turkey distributor)