Poolsquad® UV

Hybrid UV/Ultra Low Salt®
+ pH regulator

An ever more environment friendly innovation !

Combination of 2 proven technologies in the water treatment market: saltwater chlorination and ultraviolet sterilization

Ultra Low Salt® technology: operation on any salinity above 0.5 g/l

Smart Power: current control for stable production

Water sterilisation by ultraviolet rays

Predictive pH regulation proportional to the volume of the tank and according to the history of injections (Smart pH)

New reactor design with UV lamp and ULS® electrode

Find out more about hybrid UV / Ultra Low Salt® technology

1 unique reactor, 2 proven technologies

Installation of the electrode at the reactor outlet to limit the destruction of chlorine by UV radiation

Integrated flow sensor

Drain valve at the base of the reactor for easy replacement of the UV lamp

Simplified maintenance of the electrode without draining the reactor

Light well for visualising the operating status of the lamp

Compatible with Ø 63 or 50 mm pipes for easy installation

2 models for optimised treatment

2 compact reactor sizes: large model (1.09m), small model (0.78m)

2 UV lamp powers: 60W and 90W for pools up to 100m³

Easy connection to the hydraulic system

Sealing of the reactor possible thanks to the 4 pre-drilled holes at the base

More features
for more comfort !

Permanent display of chlorine production and pH value on backlit LCD screen

Soft touch keyboard with quick access keys for intuitive navigation

Adjustment of UV and electrolysis operation by time slot

Alarms indicated by written message: cell fault, lamp fault, UV lamp life, flow rate, set point not reached, set point ranges exceeded and pH overdose

Low mode to reduce chlorine production with a closed cover or bubble cover installed

Superboost mode: superchlorination at 125% for up to 24 hours to overcome an increased need of disinfectant

Automatic winterization and restart depending on water temperature (15°C)

Log of events

Self-diagnosis program for easy maintenance

Ultra Low Salt®
the almost salt-free chlorination!

Disinfected and disinfecting water without chemicals

Soft and odourless bathing water

Environmentally friendly disinfection solution

Ideal for corrosion-sensitive pools

Environmentally friendly waste water

Significantly reduced maintenance costs

100% automatic and easy to use

Long-lasting components

Self-cleaning electrode with a long life of 10,000 hours

High quality titanium

Polarity inversion adjustable from 2h to 24h in steps of 1h

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High quality UV lamp

Long life: 16,000 hours (depending on the number ignitions)

Light well to visualise the correct operation of the lamp

Lamp failure alarm for quick maintenance

Upgrade your equipment
for an optimised chlorine production!


Chlorine production control by ORP probe

Limits the risk of over-chlorination and protects the equipment (liner, cover)

Gold ORP probe, gold tip, factory tested and calibrated

Ø 50mm saddle clamp


Analysis and regulation of chlorine production by amperometric probe specially developed for saltwater

Measurement of the free chlorine rate in the pool (ppm)

Limits the risks of over-chlorination and protects the equipment (liner, cover)

High quality Salt Chlorine sensor, 1 year warranty

2 models available

e-Pool, the Bluetooth remote control

Bluetooth control of your hybrid UV/ULS device

Adjustable setpoints and permanent display of the pool values

Activation of Plug & Play options

Probe calibration and simplified maintenance operations

Access to tutorial videos and frequently asked questions

Assist mode: send a report to your pool manager

Device software update available on the application

Free application without subscription

Discover e-Pool application

Technical specifications

Display LCD 2 lines
pH pump flow (l/h) 1,8
Type of pH pump peristaltic
pH setpoint adjustment 6,8 to 7,6
pH probe calibration 2 points pH7 & pH10
Type of pH regulation predictive
Polarity inversion adjustment 2h to 24h by 1h step

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Chlorination setpoint adjustment time slot
UV lamp power 60 or 90 W
UV ray wavelength 254 nm
UV lamp lifespan 16 000 hours (depending on the number of ignitions)
Minimum UV time slot 15 minutes (excluding ORP & Ampero models)
Minimum chlorination time slot 4 hours (excluding ORP & Ampero models)
Reactor height (mm) 787 (small model) / 1087 (big model)
Reactor diameter (mm) 350
Box dimensions (mm) W 266 x H 363 x D 167
Box warranty 2 years
Electrode warranty 2 years
pH probe warranty 3 years

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Models Pool volume (m³) Flow (m³) Reference
Poolsquad UV 15 50 15 ELPH23NPSP-G4VX15
Poolsquad UV 25 100 25 ELPH23NPSP-G4VX25
Poolsquad UV Ampero 15 50 15 ELPA23NPSP-G4VX15
Poolsquad UV Ampero 25 100 25 ELPA23NPSP-G4VX25
Kit Plug & Play ORP KIT16ORPPOO1


• Control box
• Hybrid reactor (electrode & lamp)
• Cell cable (2m)
• pH Black probe
• Calibration solution pH 7 & pH 10
• Probe holder, injection connector
• Accessories holder with plugs
• Flow sensor
• Salt/tempertaure sensor
• Grounding electrode
• Power cable
• Reducer Ø 63/50 mm x4
• User manual


• Empty pH can sensor
• 2 years warranty extension on electrode
• e-Pool® Connect connected Pool kit
• Kit Plug & Play ORP

High quality accessories

Accessories holder

Accessories holder for simplified installation

Grounding electrode for parasitic currents

Salt/temperature sensor for measuring water parameters

e-pool pool application

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