Advice #3

Cell cleaning

In most cases, the cell’s auto-cleaning function prevents deposits of scale. However, in regions in which the water is particularly hard, manual cleaning of the cell may be necessary from time to time. In that case proceed as follows:

Step 1 : Stop the device and the pump timer.

Step 2 : Close the cell shutoff valves.

Step 3 : Loosen the cell’s electrical connections.

Step 4 : Loosen the cell’s union nuts.

Step 5 : Remove the cell and check for the presence of scale on the electrodes.

Step 6 : To descale the cell, use the pH acid corrector or a solution of hydrochloric acid diluted at a rate of 1 volume of acid added to 4 volumes of water. Always add the acid to the water and never the opposite. Leave the cell to soak until the scale disappears completely, without rubbing the electrodes and without submerging the connection plugs.

Step 7 : Rinse the cell and then reassemble it.

Step 8 : Open the cell shutoff valve.

Step 9 : Restart the pump timer and the device.

chlorination cell