The perfect combination of two proven technologies!

UV/Ultra Low Salt® hybrid

Two technologies for one innovation respectful of the environment

After 3 years of partnership in research and development, 2 leading companies in their respective markets have pooled the best of their technologies:

Saltwater chlorination


UV-C sterilization


Healthy, crystal-clear water with respect for the bather and the environment

Disinfection by ultraviolet rays

UV light, with a wavelength of 254 nanometres, can eradicate all micro-organisms present in water (viruses, bacteria, algae, moulds, etc.). They are absolutely risk-free for your health. The water is disinfected by contact with the UV lamp as it passes through the reactor. This technology, based on the natural phenomenon of UV, has been used for over 40 years to treat drinking water and agricultural water networks, municipal swimming pools and fish ponds.

électrode cellule d'électrolyse

Ultra Low Salt® technology

Based on the principle of salwater chlorination, the Ultra Low Salt® technology works with a minimum amount of 0.5 g/l of salt. With a concentration 7 to 10 times lower than a standard chlorinator, this capacity is sufficient to ensure the persistence of water disinfection. Designed in partnership with BIO-UV®, a unique reactor includes the UV lamp and the Ultra Low Salt® electrode. Thanks to the direct current flowing through the electrodes and the chemical reactions that take place, the water remains disinfected and disinfecting. The imperatives of environmentally friendly disinfection are respected: limiting the amount of salt present in the pool to a minimum and producing the strict minimum of chlorine necessary for the disinfection to last.

What are the benefits of combining UV and salt ?

Automatic pool treatment with a hybrid UV/ULS device offers several advantages:

• Disinfected and disinfectant water with no chemicals

• Soft, odorless bathing water

• An eco-friendly treatment

Ideal for corrosion-sensitive pools

• No risks of allergy issues

• No polluting waste water

• Significantly reduced maintenance costs

• Fully automatic device, easy to use

Justsalt UV ULS électrolyseur de sel stérilisateur UV

Poolsquad® UV installation diagram

  • Simple installation and assembly
  • Electrode and UV lamp integrated in the reactor
  • By-pass assembly of the reactor UV


Interview of Laurent Lesueur – Poolsquad® UV installation

Discover the interview with Laurent Lesueur, manager of Passion Piscine (Var) following the installation of the Poolsquad® UV


Poolsquad® UV assembly and putting into operation

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