Poolsquad® iPO Ampero

In-situ chlorine generator by saltwater chlorination + ph regulator
+ amperometric regulation

A chlorine production,

without adding salt into the pool !

Patented in-situ technology: remote chlorine production without adding salt to the pool

Sodium hypochlorithe production controlled by amperometric regulation

Direct injection of the sodium hypochlorite solution into the pipe

Smart Power: current monitoring ensuring stable production

Self-cleaning cell with adjustable polarity inversion

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An environment-friendly innovation !

Economical salt consumption: only one salt refill per season

Soft and odourless bathing water

Environmentally friendly solution

Ideal for corrosion-sensitive pools

Salt-free waste water

Eco-design: 83% recycled plastics

Single-unit, compact, Poolsquad® iPO
a turnkey solution!

Easy to install and maintain: factory pre-wired reactor, ready to be connected to ready to connect to the hydraulic system

One-piece reactor composed of 5 elements:
– salt tank
– softened water tank
– brine tank
– dosing pumps
– production cell

Easy access to the reactor sub-assemblies thanks to two hatches (top and side)

A simple and efficient operating principle!

Supply of the brine tank and the production cell with softened water (softener optional)
Capacity: 0.8 litre

Tank where softened water and salt are mixed

Tank capacity: 70 litres, equivalent to 2 x 25 kg bags of salt.
The salt used must comply with one of the 4 standards:
NF EN 973 Quality A
NF EN 14805 Type 1
NF EN 16401 Quality A
NF EN16370

The pumps automatically inject the optimum amount of brine and softened water into the production cell.

Brine is mixed with softened water at the entrance to the production circuit

Long life production cell, equipped with 3 to 9 plates depending on the model. The mixture obtained is injected into the circuit of the production cell in order to continuously produce a chlorinated solution called sodium hypochlorite.

Sodium hypochlorite is injected directly into the hydraulic circuit of the pool.

Advanced features
for hassle-free swimming pool!

Low mode to reduce chlorine production with a closed cover or bubble cover installed

Boost mode: 100% super chlorination for up to 24 hours to overcome an increased need for chlorine

Automatic winterization and restart according to the water temperature (15°C)

Safety devices indicated by written message: lack of water, low salt, cell fault, pump fault, pH set point not reached, set point ranges exceeded, water temperature

Permanent display of water temperature and cell life

Log of events

Self-diagnosis program for easy maintenance

Amperometric regualtion
for a sharper treatment!

Analysis and regulation with chlorine probe developed for fresh water

Production control and display of the value in ppm

High accuracy, electrodes proteced by a membrane

An economical solution in use: longevity of the chlorine probe, no reagent to buy or handle

A more ecological solution: production according to the pool’s needs, zero discharge to the sewer, no risk of overproduction

pH regulation
for optimized disinfection !

Smart pH : pH regulation proportional to the volume of the pool and predictive

Silent dosing pump

Adjustment of the pH setpoint and display of the value

pH setpoint overrun and overfeeding safeties indicated by written message

Longer lasting Black pH probe, 3 year warranty, factory calibrated

Protective lug for extended probe resistance

sonde pH Black régulateur pH

e-Pool, the Bluetooth remote control

Bluetooth control of your chlorine generator

Adjustable setpoints and permanent display of the pool values

Activation of Plug & Play options

Probe calibration and simplified maintenance operations

Access to tutorial videos and frequently asked questions

Assist mode: send a report to your pool manager

Device software update available on the application

Free application without subscription

Discover e-Pool application

Technical features

Display LCD 2 lines
pH pump flow (l/h) 1,8
Corrective agent pH- or pH+
pH pumpe type peristaltic
pH regulation type predictive
pH setpoint adjustment 6,8 to 7,6
pH probe calibration 2 points pH7 and pH10

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pH probe Black
Free chlorine setpoint adjustment 0,1 to 5 ppm
Amperometric probe Cl Fresh
Cell technology mono or mixte
Number of plates into the cell 3 to 9
Polarity inversion adjustment off – 12h – 24h
Cell assembly in line
Cell orientation vertical
Maximum pressure into the cell (bar) 2
Reactor pumps flow (l/h) 10
Salt tank volume (l) 70
Control box dimensions (mm) W 267 x H 363 x D 166
Reactor dimensions (mm) W 450 x H 785 x D 490
Control box + reactor warranty 2 years
Cell warranty 2+2 years* (*see a retailer)
pH probe warranty 3 years
Cl Fresh  probe warranty 1 year

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Models Pool volume* (m³) Chlorine production (g/h) Reference
Poolsquad iPO Ampero 8 40 8 EPAI23NPSP-G4NM08
Poolsquad iPO Ampero 12 60 12 EPAI23NPSP-G4NM12
Poolsquad iPO Ampero 16 80 16 EPAI23NPSP-G4NX16
Poolsquad iPO Ampero 23 120 23 EPAI23NPSP-G4NX23
Poolsquad iPO Ampero 30 160 30 EPAI23NPSP-G4NX30
Poolsquad iPO Ampero 45 200 45 EPAI23NPSP-G4NZ45


• Control box

• Reactor

• pH Black probe

• Calibration solution pH 7 & pH 10

• Cl Fresh probe

• Amperometric measuring chamber

• Probe holder, injection connector

• Accessories holder with plugs

• Temperature sensor

• Grounding electrode

• Salt and water hardness analysis kit

• Power cable (2 m)

• Collar Ø 63 mm x2

• Wall support (with screws)

• User manual


• Independent flow switch

• Empty pH can sensor

• e-Pool® Connect connected Pool kit

• Softener

High quality accessories

Accessories holder

Accessories holder for easy installation

Ground pool electrode for parasitic currents

Temperature sensor

e-pool pool application

For further information about this product, please

contact your nearest dealer!


Words of the pros

“For 15 years, POOL TECHNOLOGIE has provided me with quality service and responsiveness. I know the products well, their reliability is 100%. Another advantage is the electrolysis cell; it is always a delicate point to discuss with a customer because it is an expensive consumable. POOL TECHNOLOGIE’s cell has a much longer service life than those on the market. I notice that instead of an average of 3 to 4 years, the POOL TECHNOLOGIE one lasts more like 5 to 6 years. For us, it is certainly a consumable that we replace less often, but in the end it is a great selling point for our customers. From an electronic point of view, these products hide their game well. They are really very technological, even if you don’t necessarily notice it at first. I’m amazed at the extent to which their technological advance is unknown to the competition…”

Groupe Hyméo (34)

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