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The combination of saltwater chlorination and pH regulation

Pool Technologie was the fore-runner of combined salt water chlorination / pH regulation products, creating Poolsquad® at the beginning of 2000. Pool Technologie’s combined products meet a growing demand for ease of maintenance, and constitute real progress for making a highly enjoyable pool.

Using smart technology, Pool Technologie’s combined products control the 2 essentials for the water treatment : disinfectant production and pH regulation.

ORP control, for a 3-in-1 combination

ORP control is a technology that measures the health status of the water and adjusts the chlorine production by the chlorinator according to the real needs of the pool. It eliminates the risks of overchlorination by protecting liners, covers and other pool equipment. Compatible with all configurations, the ORP controller can be adapted to an indoor pool, a pool equipped with an automatic cover.

In the case of the salt/pH combination, the ORP controller is integrated with the chlorinator and the pH regulator. It is equipped with an ORP Gold probe, with a gold bulb. All these features make it one of the most advanced chlorinators on the market.

Smart connectivity

Equipped with a Bluetooth chip as standard, the handsets are connected. The e-Pool application becomes the remote control of your device. It allows you to control, modify the setpoints, update the software of your device and access the data history. An Assist mode is also integrated for sending a report to the pool operator.

Application E-pool "Ma piscine"
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Our combined products

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Justsalt Pro Salt/pH/ORP combined

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Poolsquad Salt/pH combined

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