Mini Regul®

Production ORP controller for saltwater chlorinator


For an optimized saltwater chlorinator !

ORP controller
for a smarter treatment !

Controls and optimizes chlorine production thanks to ORP probe specifically designed for saltwater

Limits over/under chlorination issues and protects pool equipments (liners, cover, etc…)

Adjustable ORP setpoint

High and low ORP values safety

Suitable for all type of saltwater chlorinators

Suitable for all type of installations : indoor swimming pool, covered pool, shelter…

Cutting-edge technology

Electronic board with powerful processor

Boosted storage memory for instant response

Switching power supply for better efficiency

Optimized heat dissipation for energy savings

User-friendly interface !

Easy navigation on a digital screen

Digital display of ORP value

Operating and warning diodes

Intuitive navigation with quick access keys

Fits anywhere,

never rests !

Unique design and new user experience

Light and compact, can be installed in cramped technical rooms

Wall mounting Easy Fix for easy installation and assembly

Fully pluggable connections for an optimised grip

Easy Clip system for a tool-free opening

Improved sealing

Optimise your saltwater chlorinator,

think about the ORP controller !

Find out more about ORP control

No probe, no measurement !

Precise measurement of the oxidising capacity of water in mV

High-quality ORP Gold probe specificammy designed for saltwater

Factory-calibrated probe ready for use

Probe protection tab for extended resistance

Find out more about our probes


  • Control box
  • ORP probe Gold
  • ORP calibration solution 475 mV
  • Probe holder, injection connector
  • Saddle clamp (diam 50 mm)
  • Power cable (2 m)
  • Wall support (with screws)
  • User manual


  • Measure chamber for ORP probe

Technical features

ORP setpoint adjustment (mV) from 200 to 900
Calibration ORP probe 1 point 475 mV
Pool volume Up to 160 m³
Box dimensions (mm) L118 x H231 x P78
Reference COOR20NPSB-G1


User manual
Sales documentation

Words of the pros

The MINI range meets our expectations perfectly. Not only for its good price/performance ratio, but also for its high reliability. We particularly recommend it to our senior customers and to a wider audience of newcomers. Thanks to its simplicity of programming and operation, customers quickly become self-sufficient. In addition, the MINI range has the advantage that it can be expanded and combined with another POOL TECHNOLOGY product. This is an effective way of meeting all our customers’ requirements. For this senior clientele, for example, we are adding a Redox controller to automate pool maintenance and also offer them a complete solution at an affordable price.

Annie ROSTAING, Aqua Structures (33)

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