Pro Salt® LTE,

Saltwater chlorinator for public pools

Paddle flow sensor included


  • Mixed technology for higher chlorine production capacity of the cells
  • Integrated flow sensor to ensure safe operation
  • Independent electrode management with dedicated interface to ensure safe production if one of the cells fails (100 g/h and 150 g/h models)
  • Adjustable chlorine production from 0 to 10
  • Intuitive navigation on LED display
  • Alarms by light indicator: no flow, low salt, cell fault, short circuit
  • Ease of use
  • Easy installation and assembly


  • Smart Power: current monitoring ensuring stable production

  • Self cleaning cell by memory adjustable polarity inversion according to water hardness
  • Boost mode: 100% super chlorination for up to 24 hours to overcome an increased need of disinfectant
  • Operate at any salt level from 2,5 g/l without high limit

Cell SENS003119 (left) for Prosalt LTE 50 – 100

Cell SENS003120 (right) for Prosalt LTE 75 – 150

Cells designed for intensive use

  • Long lifespan: the high-quality electrode coating guarantees an optimum lifespan (10,000 hours)

  • Transparent sleeve: for easy checking of the electrodes for scaling

  • Easy maintenance: only worn electrodes need to be replaced in the system.

Intuitive navigation and interface

  • LED matrix display of chlorine production from 0 to 10

  • Double keyboard on 100 and 150 g/h models
  • Soft touch 2-button keypad for easy operation
  • Operating and warning LEDs

Operation diagram Pro Salt LTE

Proximity services

Technical specifications

Boost mode 24h, memory
Flow mode Activated by default (cannot be disabled)
Polarity inversion time Adjustable from 2h to 16h by 2h steps
Chlorine production from 50 to 150 g/h

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Cell assembly In T
Cell orientation
Cell lenght (in mm) 302
Cell Max pressure 2 bars
Maximum flow in the cell 22 or by pass
Water temperature 40°C
Box weight 2,9 kg
Box dimensions (in mm) L 266 x H 363 x P 142

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Models Chlorine production (g/h) Consumption (W) Reference
Pro Salt LTE 50 50 300 ELLY20POOC-G0NY50
Pro Salt LTE 75 75 400 ELLY20POOC-G0NZ75
Pro Salt LTE 100


600 ELLY20POOC-G0NY100
Pro Salt LTE 150 150 800 ELLY20POOC-G0NZ125

*Values are for guidance only. Take into account the frequency of use of your pool.

*En climat chaud, réduire le volume de 20%


  • Chlorination cell(s) (depending on model)
  • Cell cable(s) (2 m)
  • Power cable (2 m)
  • Paddle flow sensor
  • Support collar for flow sensor (diam 63 mm)
  • Wall mounting bracket (with screws)
  • User manual

Pro Salt® LTE documentations

Download the user manual

Download the product data sheet