The amperometric control

What is amperometric control?

Amperometric control is an advanced method of measuring and controlling chlorine levels in swimming pool water. Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant used to eliminate bacteria, viruses and other contaminants that could affect swimmers’ health. However, to be effective, chlorine must be maintained at an optimum level. Too much chlorine can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems, while too little chlorine can allow germs to proliferate.

How does amperometric control work?

Amperometric control is based on the use of a special probe that measures the level of free chlorine in the pool water accurately and continuously. The level of free chlorine is measured in ppm (parts per million). Free chlorine is the active, effective form of chlorine that remains after disinfection.

Why choose amperotric control instead of ORP control ?

Unlike amperometric measurement, ORP does not, strictly speaking, quantify chlorine concentration. It measures all the oxidising products in the water. There is therefore no selectivity. What’s more, it is highly dependent on water quality, pH, temperature and stabiliser.

In other words, ORP measurement is used to assess the health of the water, not the level of free chlorine actually present in the water.

The analysis chamber

The amperometric probe is installed in a dedicated measurement chamber. This transparent PMMA chamber is isolated from the main hydraulic circuit in order to control the flow and guarantee accurate measurement.

Maintenance of this probe is reduced to a minimum. The probe only needs to be calibrated once a year. You only need to top up the conductivity gel every 3 months.

The advantages of amperometric control

Sharp treatment

Amperometric control provides real-time measurement, ensuring precise, constant control of the chlorine level in the pool water. This prevents sudden fluctuations in chlorine concentration and ensures effective disinfection.


Amperometric regulation systems are generally automated, which means that they adjust automatically to the actual needs of the pool. This reduces human intervention to a minimum.

Chemicals savings

With a chlorine dosing system, amperometric regulation eliminates the risk of overdosing and optimises chemical consumption. Pool maintenance costs are reduced.

Bathers safety

Thanks to an optimum chlorine level, the water is healthy and balanced for the comfort of bathers, who are less likely to experience skin irritations or itching due to poor water quality.

Using an amperometric regulator with a chlorinator

Saltwater chlorination is a safe and effective solution for treating swimming pools. To make the most of its benefits, however, it is necessary to continuously monitor the levels of disinfectant in the pool.

Connected electronically to the chlorinator, the amperometric probe will measure the level of free chlorine in the pool. The chlorine production of the device will be adjusted if necessary. Specially developed for salt electrolysis, the Salt chlorine sensor measures the level of free chlorine in the water with great accuracy.

Poolsquad Ampero is the most advanced chlorinator in the PREMIUM range. Equipped with predictive pH control and amperometric control, this appliance ensures optimum water quality while protecting the pool’s equipment.

Poolsquad® Ampero

Poolsquad UV Ampero is the perfect combination of two market-proven technologies: UV sterilisation and Ultra Low Salt® chlorination. Coupled with these two technologies, amperometric regulation ensures perfect water quality.

Poolsquad® UV Ampero

Pro Regul Ampero is an amperometric regulator with predictive pH control. Compatible with all chlorinators on the market, it optimises chlorine production thanks to its dedicated salt electrolysis probe.

Pro Régul Ampero

Using an amperometric regulator with a dosing system

Based on the same principle as operation with an electrolyser, the system automatically regulates the injection of liquid chlorine according to the value measured and the set point. The Fresh probe is fitted to amperometric control devices dedicated to fresh water.

Dosipool Ampero is the most advanced dosing system in the PREMIUM range. Equipped with predictive pH regulation and amperometric regulation, it automatically controls and regulates the injection of chlorine and pH into the pool.

Dosipool Ampero

Pro Dosing Ampero is the dosing system for collective pools. Equipped with amperometric control and predictive pH control, it can be supplied with several pump models to suit the size of the pool.

Pro Dosing Ampero

Poolsquad iPO Ampero is based on the principle of saltwater chlorination. This in-situ chlorine generator works with softened water. Coupled with predictive pH control and amperometric control, it disinfects the water without adding salt to the pool.

Poolsquad® iPO Ampero