Joining us,

Means boarding into a human adventure!

A peaceful work place

At POOL TECHNOLOGIE, we set up different spaces combining conviviality, well-being and rest. Thus, during the most beautiful months of the year, and there are many of them, you will be able to enjoy a swimming pool next to the outdoor dining area. Whether you are a petanque enthusiast or a beginner, try your hand at the boules court ! A real moment of relaxation to escape for a lunch break, lulled by the song of the cicadas.

A communal vegetable garden is cultivated by employees who wish to grow fruit and vegetables. The company provides watering, seedlings and seeds for its employees. A fruit orchard with about 50 trees is located on the company’s premises. Apricot, apple and fig trees are grown there to the delight of the employees during the annual harvests.

apricot tree
courgette plant
tomato plant

Joining POOL TECHNOLOGIE means evolving within a growing company. A company on a human scale which is committed to encouraging the autonomy of its employees and the development of their skills.

Our values

POOL TECHNOLOGIE practice participative management, where each actor contributes to the development of the company, bringing his skills and specificity.

People are at the centre of managerial concerns and the importance given to each employee is reflected in four shared values within the company.

Pool Technologie manufactures high-performance equipment at the cutting edge of technology. This constant search for innovation highlights the company’s know-how in the field of automatic pool water treatment. This success is the result of the commitment of the company’s employees. Motivated and committed employees who share the common goal of customer satisfaction.

This involvement is the result of team cohesion between the Production, Research, Development and Innovation, Marketing, Sales, After-Sales Service and Sales & Marketing departments. This synergy makes it a collective force, where each employee exchanges, reflects and questions himself in order to continually provide the best solution for the customer.

The company has always been committed to inclusion. It is in this context that we have within our organisation a great mix of employees with a variety of backgrounds. Human beings and diversity are at the centre of our attention. We also work with ESATs whose objectives are social and professional integration. In this case, we delegate part of our production to them.

Our professions

At Pool Technologie, there are many qualified positions. Express your skills through the different departments:

Research Development Innovation (RDI)

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Test technician

Production & Purchases

  • Fitter / Cable fitter
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Shipping
  • Packaging
  • Buyer

Quality & After sales services

  • Methods and industrialization technician
  • Technical editor
  • Quality technician
  • Reception quality control
  • After sales technician

Trade and Marketing

  • Technical sales staff
  • Sales administration
  • Graphic designer
  • Marketing and communication officer


  • Accounting
  • Financial controller
  • Human Resources


  • Network administrator
  • Web developer
  • Database and ERP administrator