e-Pool® Connect

Indoor analyzer

Analyze your water
with ease!

Continuous water quality analysis (pH, ORP, temperature…)

Permanent control of the flow in the pipe

Filter pressure analysis (optional sensor)

Real time data feedback and event log

Alerts with push notifications on MyINDYGO app & emails

Tips for optimising treatment and filtration

Easy module installation and connection in the pool house

Requires a relay antenna (not supplied)

An user-friendly app,
to keep an eye on your pool remotely!

Setting up your equipment remotely thanks to the application

Event history: measurement and alarm feedback using the relay antenna

Alerts with push notifications on the MyINDYGO application and by email

Requires a relay antenna (not supplied)

Real-time remote management
dedicated to the professional!

Remote maintenance of a pool park
Manage your pool portfolio with a simple and efficient tool

Remote diagnosis
Access in a few clicks the history of your customers’ pool

Optimisation of interventions
Remotely re-program your installations

Operating diagram

Technical specifications

Power supply 230 V 50 Hz
pH probe connector type BNC
pH probe diameter (mm) 12
ORP pH probe connector type BNC
ORP probe diameter (mm) 12
Temperature range (analyzer) 0°C to 50°C
Dimensions (mm) W 160 x H 190 x D 36
Indoor analyzer reference KIT20GUARDSOL
Relay antenna reference (not supplied) KIT20WIFISOL


Sales documentation



• Indoor analyzer

• pH probe

• ORP probe

• Température probe

• Flow sensor

• Sensor holder

• Start guide

e-Pool® Connect,

an upgrade and modular range!

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