e-Pool® Connect VS

Connected pool timer for variable speed pump
+ relay antenna

The kit that does more,
than you expected possible!

Control of variable speed pumps
(3 speed, skimming, thermoregulated mode, time programming, boost function)

Control / programming of 2 auxiliaries
(lighting, heat pump, pool cleaner, backwah hydraulic valve)

Cover position sensor imput

Frost protection in thermoregulated mode

Continuous water temperature analysis

Tips for optimising treatment and filtration

A relay antenna,
to keep an eye on your pool!

Feedback on the mobile app and the web platform

Long range LoRa™ radio communication of the modules (over 250 m)

Wifi connection to the home network

A mobile app,
to control remotely your pool !

Setting up your equipment remotely thanks to the app

Event log: measurments and alarm feedback

Alerts with push notifications on MyINDYGO app & emails

Real-time remote management
dedicated to the professional!

Remote maintenance of a pool park
Manage your pool portfolio with a simple and efficient tool

Remote diagnosis
Access in a few clicks the history of your customers’ pool

Optimisation of interventions
Remotely re-program your installations

Operating diagram

Technical specifications

Power supply (connected pool timer) 230V 50 Hz
Power supply (relay antenna) 230 V 50 Hz with transformer 12 VDC ext
Pump current compatibility mono et three-phase
Pump relay (x3) 250 VAC-16 A

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Relay AUX 1&2 250 VAC – 10 A
Rail assembly DIN (3 modules)
Temperature range (connected pool timer) -10°C to 60°C
Temperature range (relay antenna) 0°C to 50°C
Connected pool timer dimensions  (mm) W 90 x H 90 x D 63
Relay antenna dimensions (mm) W 80 x H 82 x D 13
Pump power up to 1 CV (circuit-breaker 4-6, 3A)
Light power transformer 12V 100 VA

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Sales documentation



  • Connected pool timer
  • Probe holder ½ + collar Ø 50 mm
  • Temperature probe (PT100)
  • Relay antenna
  • Transformer 230 V 12 VDC
  • Start guide

Available in a pre-assembled box!

New 2022

Pre-assembled electrical box with terminal block on rail

Box sealing index IP65
Box resistance index IK08
Box dimensions (mm) W 310 x H 246 x D 148
Box warranty 2 years

e-Pool® Connect,

an upgrade and modular range!

e-Pool Connect
(connected pool timer
+ relay antenna)

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Filter pressure
analysis module

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