e-Pool® Connect VS

Connected pool timer for variable speed pump
+ relay antenna

The pool ewerywhere, at any time!

The kit that does more,
than you expected possible!

Control of variable speed pumps
(3 speed, skimming, thermoregulated mode, time programming, boost function)

Control / programming of 2 auxiliaries
(lighting, heat pump, pool cleaner, backwah hydraulic valve)

Cover position sensor imput

Frost protection in thermoregulated mode

Continuous water temperature analysis

Tips for optimising treatment and filtration

A relay antenna,
to keep an eye on your pool!

Feedback on the mobile app and the web platform

Long range LoRa™ radio communication of the modules (over 250 m)

Wifi connection to the home network

A mobile app,
to control remotely your pool !

Setting up your equipment remotely thanks to the app

Event log: measurments and alarm feedback

Alerts with push notifications on MyINDYGO app & emails

Real-time remote management
dedicated to the professional!

Remote maintenance of a pool park
Manage your pool portfolio with a simple and efficient tool

Remote diagnosis
Access in a few clicks the history of your customers’ pool

Optimisation of interventions
Remotely re-program your installations

Operating diagram

Technical specifications

Power supply (connected pool timer) 230V 50 Hz
Power supply (relay antenna) 230 V 50 Hz with transformer 12 VDC ext
Pump current compatibility mono et three-phase
Pump relay (x3) 250 VAC-16 A

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Relay AUX 1&2 250 VAC – 10 A
Rail assembly DIN (3 modules)
Temperature range (connected pool timer) -10°C to 60°C
Temperature range (relay antenna) 0°C to 50°C
Connected pool timer dimensions  (mm) W 90 x H 90 x D 63
Relay antenna dimensions (mm) W 80 x H 82 x D 13
Pump power up to 1 CV (circuit-breaker 4-6, 3A)
Light power transformer 12V 100 VA

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Sales documentation



  • Connected pool timer
  • Probe holder ½ + collar Ø 50 mm
  • Temperature probe (PT100)
  • Relay antenna
  • Transformer 230 V 12 VDC
  • Start guide

Available in a pre-assembled box!

New 2022

Pre-assembled electrical box with terminal block on rail

Box sealing index IP65
Box resistance index IK08
Box dimensions (mm) W 310 x H 246 x D 148
Box warranty 2 years

e-Pool® Connect,

an upgrade and modular range!

e-Pool Connect
(connected pool timer
+ relay antenna)

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Filter pressure
analysis module

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