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Accessories holder

Accesories holder

Our accessory holder is easy to install. It is mounted upstream of the cell on universal pipes with a diameter of 63mm or 50mm with two adapted reducers. It is possible to connect up to four accessories : probes, injection of correcting agent, flow sensor or salt sensor. The tips are universal.

Support collars

The support collars are available on the Mini Range to “replace” the accessory holder available on the Just & Premium Range. They have the same functionality, i.e. to support a probe or sensor. Only one accessory is connected per collar.

support collars
POOL TERRE grounded electrode

POOL TERRE grounded electrode

The purpose of the POOL TERRE electrode is to discharge the parasitic currents present in the installations. This static electricity is the result of a physical process of water circulation in the pipes and will strongly disturbs the devices and in particular the probes. Available for 50 mm and 63 mm diameter.