Minisalt® UV
Saltwater chlorinator for UV treatment


For enhanced disinfection and comfort!

The UV treatment best partner,

for an eco-friendly disinfection!

Saltwater chlorinator specially designed for UV system

Only works with an installed UV treatment system

Exemption from the use of persistent chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, etc.)

Ensures the persistence of water disinfection

Disinfected and disinfecting water without adding chemicals

Soft and odorless bathing water

Environmentally friendly disinfection solution

100% automatic and easy to use device

Non-polluting waste water

Highly reduced maintenance costs

Easy installation and assembly

For your bathing comfort,

an innovation without chemicals !

Smart Power: current monitoring ensuring stable production

Ultra Low Salt® technology: operate at any salt level higher than 0,5 g/l

Self cleaning cell by memory adjustable polarity inversion according to water hardness

Boost mode: 100% superchlorination for up to 24 hours overcome an increased need of disinfectant

Low mode to reduce chlorine production, when cover closed or bubbles cover installed

Safeties: lack of water, low salt and cell fault

Cutting-edge technology

Electronic board with powerful processor

Boosted storage memory for instant response

Switching power supply for better efficiency

Optimized heat dissipation for energy savings

An user-friendly interface !

Intuitive navigation on Led display

Permanent display of the chlorine production rate

Adjustable set point from 0 to 10

Alarms by indicator light

Soft touch” keyboard with quick access keys for easy operation

Ultra Low Salt®,
an environmentally friendly technology!

Ultra Low Salt® technology: operate at any salt level higher than 0,5 g/l

An eco-innovation, more respectful of the environment

Requires up to 10 times less salt in your pool

Recommended for corrosion-sensitive pools

No more chemicals !
Choose the saltwater pool…

Find out more about saltwater chlorination

Long-lasting component

Long life electrode, 10 000 hours

High quality titanium

Adaptable to all pipe standards (Ø50 and Ø63mm)

Transparent to check the state of the plates

Complete cell kit (nuts, collars, reductions)

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• Electronic box
• T Chlorination cell
• Cell cable (2 m)
• Power cable (2 m)
• Collar diam 63 mm x2
• Reducer 63/50 mm x2
• Wall support (with screws)
• User manual


• Independant flow switch
• 2 years warranty extension on cell
• Pool Terre grounding kit

Collar diameter 50 mm x2

Technical specifications

Boost mode 24h, with memory
Low mode Volt free contact to reduce chlorine production by 5
Inversion polarity time From 2h to 16h by step of 2h

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Cell assembly in T
Cell orientation  horizontal or vertical
Cell Length (mm) 291
Cell max pressure (bar) 2
Cell max flow (m³) 22 or by pass
Water temperature max (°C) 40
Box dimensions (mm) L 266 x W 363 x D 167

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Models Pool volume (m³) Reference
Minisalt UV NPS 50  50 ELLY21NPSB-G0VX15
Minisalt UV NPS 100  100 ELLY21NPSB-G0VX25
Minisalt UV NPS 150 150 ELLY21NPSB-G0VX35


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Sales documentation

Operation diagram

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