Mini UV
UV sterilizer

UV treatment made easy,
for environmentally friendly disinfection !

Up to 35% higher UV-C efficiency due to stainless steel interior reflection

Duplex stainless steel reactor, perfectly suited for salt water

High quality softglass UV lamp, 9000 hours

Compatible with Ø 63mm and Ø 50mm pipes (incl. reducing pieces, 1½ inner thread)

IP65 ballast

2 models available: 40 W and 80 W lamp

Compact, ideal for small technical rooms

Compatible with our ULS® Minisalt UV chlorinator to ensure remanence

For your bathing comfort,
a treatment without chemicals!

Soft and odourless bathing water

Non-polluting waste water

Healthy water without the addition of chemicals

A 100% automatic device, easy to use

Ideal for pools that are sensitive to corrosion

Highly reduced maintenance costs

Find out more about UV disinfection

An simple and efficient
operating principle!

Technical specifications

Reactor material Duplex stainless steel 316L
UV lamp lifespan 9 000 hours (depending number of ignitions)
UV lamp power (W)
40 or 80
Sealing ballast index IP 65
Sterilizer diameter (mm) 70
Sterilizer height (mm) 1 000
Sterilizer weight (kg) 3,3
Models Pool volume (m³) Flow (m³/h) Reference
Mini UV  40  50 11 STUV23NPSB-40
Mini UV 80  100 17 STUV23NPSB-80


Stainless steel UV reactor
• UV lamp
• Grounding electrode
• Ballast
• Fixation collars (x2)
• Transparent connector Ø 63 (x2)
• Transparent reduction Ø 63/50 mm (x2)
• User manual

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