Pro Dosing® Ampero

Automatic dosage + amperometric regulator + pH regulator


  • pH and chlorine inverter regulation: low oscillation deviation from the setpoints for more precise regulation
  • pH and chlorine injections proportional to the difference between the setpoints and the probe measurements
  • Ready-to-install panel-mounted system, easy to start and opperate
  • Choice of pumps to suit your needs
    3 different technologies from 6 l/h to 115 l/h
  • Very high quality Blue pH and Cl Fresh probes, factory tested and calibrated
  • Limits the risk of overchlorination and protects pool equipment (cover, liner, etc.)
  • Intuitive navigation on backlit LCD display
  • Remote control with the e-Pool® app


  • Proportional chlorine dosage regulation by amperometric probe
  • Proportional pH regulation in acid (pH-) or basic (pH+) mode
  • Injection cycle settings, Cl and pH setpoints, high/lo w alarm thresholds
  • Historical event log
  • Multilingual communication interface
  • Multilingual alarm message: displays written message of the malfunction cause
  • Safeties and information: high and low Cl and pH values, Cl and pH setpoints unreached, Cl and pH setpoint ranges exceeded, empty pH & Cl can

Choice of pumps to suit your needs
3 different technologies from 0,5 l/h to 115 l/h

Type of pumps Pump flow (l/h) Reference
Peristaltic 0,5 OPT23PER5
Peristaltic 6 OPT23PER06
Peristaltic 12 OPT23PER12
Peristaltic 20 OPT23PER20
Electromagnetic* 5 OPT23MAG05
Electromagnetic* 10 OPT23MAG10
Electromagnetic* 22 OPT23MAG22
Electro-mechanical Cl*
Electromagnetic pH*
50 OPT23MAG50

Electro-mechanical Cl*
Electromagnetic pH*

115 OPT23MAG115

*Offset pumps
All the pumps are optional

Amperometric mesauring chamber

for safely readings !

Measuring chamber Pro Dosing Ampero

e-Pool®, the Bluetooth remote control
for your Pro Dosing Ampero!

Bluetooth control of your device

Ergonomic dashboard with permanent display of your pool parameters

Simplified activation of options

Assist mode: reports are sent to your professional

Software update available on the application

Free and subscription free app

E-pool, App Store, Google Play icons
  • Application E-pool
  • Application E-pool "Ma piscine"
  • Application E-pool "Tableau de bord"
  • Application E-pool "Réglage"
  • application piscine e-pool
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Technical specifications

Display: LCD 2 lines

Corrective product: pH- or pH+

Type of pH regulation: proportional

pH setpoint adjustment : 6,8 to 7,6

pH probre calibration: 2 points pH 7 and pH 10

pH probe: Blue

Free chlorine setpoint adjustment : 0,1 to 8 ppm

Cl probe : Chlore Fresh

Panel dimensions : L 545 x H 450 x D 110 mm

Box dimensions : L 140 x H 300 x D 97 mm

Pro Dosing® Ampero operation diagram


Panel-mounted electronic box and pH/Ampero measuring chamber

• Ampero measuring chamber connection kit

• Fresh Cl probe

• Blue pH probe

• Calibration solutions pH 7 & pH 10

• pH & Cl injection fitting

• Measuring chamber flow sensor

• Suction pipe with empty pH can sensor

• Suction pipe with empty Cl can sensor

• Power cable (2 m)

• User manual

Proximity services

Pro Dosing® Ampero documentations

Download the user manual

Download the sales documentation