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Acid or basic ?

pH (hydrogen potential) is the measurement of the acidity or the basicity of the water. At the height of the season, the pH of the water varies continuously. It is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. Below 7, the water is said to be acidic, so it becomes aggressive to the skin and eyes of bathers. Above 7, the water is said to be basic, so it becomes scaling and corrosive for water treatment and filtration equipment. For optimum comfort, the pH must be between 7 and 7.2 so that the chlorine is as active as possible..

pH automatic regulation

For the swimmers’s comfort and the environmental protection, our devices use little chemicals. So, all our pH regulators provide a real proportional regulation. Concretely, the device injects a quantity of corrective product (acid or base) proportional to the pool’s volume and to the difference between the set point value (desired pH value) and the value actually measured. Contrary to most of the pH regulators which inject a fixed dose at a gap detection, our regulators therefore guarantee a constant pH level and not a pH fluctuating around a desired value.

POOL TECHNOLOGIE goes even further : some devices offer you, also, a predictive pH regulation. The pH regulator will analyze the efficiency of the past injection and will modulate the next injection accordingly. This patented technology guarantees you a perfectly stabilized pH. The efficiency of the disinfection treatment is thus optimised (saltwater chlorination, dosage, copper/ silver ionisation).

It guarantees :

the efficiency of the disinfectant : see the graph above.

swimming in comfort : no more red eyes, no more itchy skin, no more chlorine odour, no more faded swimwear.

water quality : is neither corrosive nor murky, and doesn’t cause lime scale.

A balanced pH enhances the effectiveness of the chlorine and limits the precipitation of minerals (calcium, sulphates).

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