Advice #4

pH probe calibration

Advice #4

pH probe calibration

Procedure for calibrating a pH probe

The pH probe is subject to a reference curve which, depending on the use of the pool, shifts over time. For optimum control, it is important to calibrate the pH probe each time the pool is put back into operation or the probe is changed.

Before calibrating, make sure you have the standard solutions pH 7 and 10 available.
Unscrew and remove the nut and the pH probe from the probe holder. Use the cap provided to seal the hole.

Access the adjustment menu: press the V key for 3s.

Select the “CA” using the ⇑ ⇓ keys and confirm with V.

The display shows 7.0 the first calibration point flashing “7.0”.

Soak the pH probe in a pH 7 solution and validate with V

The display will alternately show 7.0 and – – flashing during calibration (1 to 5 minutes) 7.0 – – 7.0

If the measured value is correct, the device indicates “Oh” and then displays the value 10.

Rinse the pH probe in water and drain it without drying it with a cloth.

Insert the pH probe into a pH 10 solution and confirm with V.

The display will alternately show 10 and – – flashing during calibration (1 to 5 minutes) 10 – – 10

If the measured value is correct, the device indicates “Oh” and then switches to the current pH display.

Note: With the probe in pH10, the instrument displays 10 flashing because it is measuring a high pH. The high pH alarm will disappear as soon as the actual pH of the pool is measured.

If one of the values is incorrect, the device indicates “Er“. Your pH probe is no longer usable (end of life), contact your professional to replace it.

Remove the cap and put the probe back on the probe holder.

kit maintenance pompe pH - pool technologie

pH kit including :

1 calibration solution pH 7 & pH 10, a non-return valve, a dose of silicone and a pump body tube.