Poolsquad® pH

pH regulator

A totally redesigned interface,

for an improved user experience!

4,3 inches wide viewing angle for color fidelity


IPS HD panel for optimal display quality


Automatic standby output by presence sensor


Automatic brightness adjustment via light sensor


Capacitive keys with dynamic backlighting for easy navigation

The excellence of pH regulation !

Smart pH: predictive regulation according to the history for a perfectly stable pH

pH regulation proportional to the volume of the pool

Automatic injection of correcting agent, acid (pH-) or base (pH+) mode

High quality, factory tested and calibrated pH Black probe

Bluetooth remote control with e-Pool® application

Transparent accessory holder

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pH regulation
for complete disinfection !

Adjustment of the pH setpoint and display of the value

pH setpoint overrun and overfeeding safeties indicated by written message

Longer lasting Black pH probe, 3 year warranty

Protective lug for extended probe resistance

sonde pH Black régulateur pH

More features,
for more comfort !

Colour-coded display of the pool status :

blue: optimal water quality
orange: information message
red: alarm

Status indicators of the device’s functions using pictograms (OFF, STOP, INJ…)

Simultaneous display of setpoints and pH measured values and water temperature

Intelligent user guidance by written message

Setpoint ranges exceeded and pH overdose safeties indicated by written message

Log of events

Fits anywhere,
but never rests!

Unique design and improved user experience

Integrated silent dosing pump

Light and compact, can be installed in cramped technical rooms

Wall mounting Easy Fix for easy installation and assembly

Fully pluggable (eayu Plug) connections for an optimised grip

Easy Clip system for a tool-free opening

Improved sealing

e-Pool®, the Bluetooth remote control

Bluetooth control of your pH regulator

Adjustable setpoints and permanent display of the pool values

Activation of Plug & Play options

Probe calibration and simplified maintenance operations

Access to tutorial videos and frequently asked questions

Assist mode: send a report to your pool manager

Device software update available on the application

Free application without subscription

Discover e-Pool application

Technical specification

Display IPS HD panel
Screen size 4,3 inches
Type of keyboard Capacitive keys
Presence sensor range (cm) 20
pH pump flow (l/h) 1,8
Type of pump peristaltic
pH setpoint adjustment 6,8 to 7,6

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Type of pH regulation predictive (Smart pH)
Corrective product pH- or pH+
pH probe calibration 2 points, pH 7 and pH 10
Box dimensions (mm) W 140 x H 300 x D 97
Box warranty 2 years
pH probe warranty 3 years

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Model Pool volume (m³) Pump flow (l/h) Reference
Poolsquad pH 160 1,8 REGU23NPSP-G5


• Control box
• pH Black probe
• Calibration solutions pH 7 & pH 10
• ORP Gold probe
• Accessories holder with plugs
• Temperature sensor
• Power cable (2 m)
• Reducer Ø 63/50 mm x4
• Wall support (with screws)
• User manual


• Empty pH can sensor
• e-Pool® Connect connected Pool kit

High quality accessories

Transparent accessories holder for easy installation

Temperature sensor for pool parameters

e-pool pool application

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Words of the pros

“For 15 years, POOL TECHNOLOGIE has provided me with quality service and responsiveness. I know the products well, their reliability is 100%. Another advantage is the electrolysis cell; it is always a delicate point to discuss with a customer because it is an expensive consumable. POOL TECHNOLOGIE’s cell has a much longer service life than those on the market. I notice that instead of an average of 3 to 4 years, the POOL TECHNOLOGIE one lasts more like 5 to 6 years. For us, it is certainly a consumable that we replace less often, but in the end it is a great selling point for our customers. From an electronic point of view, these products hide their game well. They are really very technological, even if you don’t necessarily notice it at first. I’m amazed at the extent to which their technological advance is unknown to the competition…”

Groupe Hyméo (34)

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