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The dosing and control systems are designed to optimise treatment products while reducing manual handling. They provide treatment by injecting chemical products :

• active chlorine/oxygen for disinfection,

• acid/base for pH regulation and

• injection of algaecide or flocculent to supplement the main treatment.

They operate according to a principle of doses and time slots that can be set according to the pool’s needs.

The dosing system is a fully automatic device where the regulation can vary depending on the model. Some models are equipped with amperometric probes, renowned for their high precision and mainly intended for collective pools, which allow the free chlorine contained in the pool to be measured in order to regulate it automatically.

Our chlorine dosing devices

Chlorine Dosage Mini Dosing and ORP probe Gold

Mini Dosing

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Chlorine dosage pH regulation ORP controller Justdosing pH probe Blue ORP probe Gold

Just Dosing

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pH regulator chlorine dosage ORP controller Dosipool Pro

Dosipool Pro

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