What is Low Salt ?
Pool Technologie NPS range chlorinators offer two production modes, Low Salt (LS) or Normal Salt (NS). They are the only devices on the market to offer this dual function. With only one chlorinator, the professional can choose between these two options in order to offer the solution that best suits his client. Some users are reluctant to talk about disinfecting their pool water by salt chlorination. Indeed, the salinity of the water can be an obstacle for them. Whether it is because of pools that are sensitive to corrosion, or because of individuals who simply do not like the sensation of salt on their skin.


Let’s quickly recall the principle of chlorination. It is an electro-chemical reaction that produces chlorine directly in the pool water with a low salt concentration. In Normal Salt mode, a concentration of 5 g/l* is required. With Low Salt technology, a concentration of 2.5 g/l of salt* is sufficient to produce the same amount of chlorine.

Low Salt provides an answer to the needs of people who are resistant to salt treatment, by offering them the answer they want. Disinfection is more respectful of the environment, by limiting the quantity of salt present in the pool to a maximum (2x less). The water is 15 times less salty than sea water, which protects the pool and limits the risk of corrosion on metal parts (such as certain parts to be sealed or the cover axes). The user’s well-being is also improved, as the pool water is soft and swimming is even more pleasant. Equipped as standard with a Bluetooth chip, these NS/LS chlorinators can be controlled with the e-Pool® application.

The Low Salt, like the Normal Salt, offers the same simple, effective and affordable approach to pool sanitation, providing an interesting and novel alternative for those who do not want salt. The versatility of NPS units, combined with the benefits of Low Salt, make Pool Technologie chlorinators a natural and economical solution.

*Recommended values to compensate for any losses