Pure Chlore®,

Offline chlorine generator for public pools

pure chlore chlorine generator saltwater chlorination
pure chlore chlorine generator saltwater chlorination

Pure Chlore ®, the cost-saving, powerful and tailor-made chlorine generator

Placed in a machine room, PURE CHLORE® ® produces chlorine from softened water and salt according to the very effective principle of salt electrolysis. Easy to install and use, this solution has been developed for public and commercial pools.

Economical over the long term: salt, the raw material of electrolysis, allows a significant reduction in the costs of transport, storage and handling.

Powerful and tailor-made : Designed to easily integrate with existing installations, the PURE CHLORE® generator produces a highly active chlorine solution that can be used in situ.

INFO : 4 main common chemical treatment drawbacks:

  • Risk of accidents linked to the handling storage and transport of chemical products
  • Deterioration in chlorine quality over the time
  • Operating costs of conditioned chlorine
  • Regular and expensive maintenance
piscine collective électrolyse au sel


1/ The generator produces a chlorinated solution and pours it directly into a storage tank.
2/ A dosing pump* controlled by an automatic control system feeds the pool according to demand. The treatment of swimming pool is ensured automatically
3/ The pool water is kept disinfected and disinfecting permanently, ensuring comfort and safety for bathers

*Automatic control and injection systems already installed on the system are compatible with PURE CHLORE®.
However, over-sizing of pumps and injection lines may be necessary.

pure chlore chlorine generator saltwater chlorination

PC 140


Easy to use : The BOOST mode allows to launch an automatic filling program in a natural way or with predefined timetables

Convenient : LED status indicator allows to
check quickly the facility operating properly
(PC280 and PC560).


Long cell lifespan : cell lifespan is estimated at 10 000 operating hours

Cell maintenance warning : after 1000
operating hours, an integrated lamp timer
triggers a written message to check plates


High filtration capacity : less frequent
regeneration due to a higher resin volume.

pure chlore chlorine generator saltwater chlorination

PC 280


Ease of maintenance: wide box opening to add easily and quickly the maximum salt level.

High storage capacity : to add salt level punctually


UV-treated tank : preserving pure and fresh

Free-moving suction : allows hypochlorite
Level probe : allows to avoid the dosing pump deactivation
Overflow sensor : in case of chlorine
overproduction, the sensor automatically
switches off the system.
Effective maintenance : removable level
sensors to facilitate its maintenance or


Consumption optimization : pump injects
automatically the perfect brine volume in
production cells

pure chlore chlorine generator saltwater chlorination

PC 560


H2 alarm : if an anomaly is detected, a safety
mode is triggered and automatically switches off the production of chlorine.


Real-time remote control :

Thanks to a SIM card inserted in the system, managers (pool directors, maintenance technicians, hotel managers, etc.) receive real time news and alerts by SMS.
Remote management: connect pro
Thanks to a simple local network connection, you can centralize remotely and in real-time information on water quality. Thus, by checking pool parameters on Connect Pro, you significantly reduce your moves.

The effectiveness of chlorine without the disadvantages

Chlorine is the most powerful disinfectant known on pool
market. The PURE CHLORE® solution produces a fresh chlorine for in situ use.

EFFECTIVENESS : production of fresh and pure chlorine without alteration, unlike conditioned
chlorine which is sensitive to the surrounding factors (light, polluted air,

STRENGTH : highly active hypochlorite solution from a low concentration of chlorine. A storage tank allows automatic superchlorination according to the actual pool needs.

HEALTH : high disinfectant power removing almost all chloramines, so harmful to the health of bathers and responsible for unpleasant odors.

RESPECT FOR BATHERS’ HEALTH : no more red eyes, no more itchy skin, no more chlorine odour, no more faded swimwear.

MAINTENANCE SAFETY : removal of all problems due to transport, storage and handling of conditioned chlorine: cartridge masks, explosion hazards, containment of the chlorine storage area.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE : simplified cleaning procedure. A descaling of the cells every 1000 operating hours (depending on use) is sufficient.

COST-SAVING : significant reduction in transport and storage costs: low cost of use, salt is half the cost of conditioned chlorine; Storage in large quantities, drastic reduction in delivery times and constraints related to storage regulations.

EASE OF INSTALLATION : : easy embedding with existing installations.

PROTECTION OF EQUIPMENT OVER LONG TERM: the low concentration of the chlorinated solution and the absence of salt in the basin prevent corrosion.

A very simple operating principle

Schéma Connect Pro

1/ A softener feeds the installation with softened water

2/ Saturated brine is obtained on site from softened water
and salt.

3/ The brine is injected into the softened water stream before
the production cell lines.

4/ Softened water and salt are converted into a solution
of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) according to saltwater
chlorination process.

5/ The solution of sodium hypochlorite is poured, by gravity,
into a storage tank equipped with level detectors. The
production is triggered or stopped automatically depending
on the position of the level detectors in order to constantly
maintain the required stock of solution. The tank capacity
varies depending on the model. Incorporate a free-moving
suction with level sensor.

6/ The hydrogen produced is evacuated to the outside by a
degassing chimney

7/ The control box independently manages the production
of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO). It allows to maintain a
constant supply of solution in order to guarantee, in all
circumstances, the ideal chlorine level in the basin.

8/ The supply of the chlorinated solution tank is controlled by
automatic chlorine regulation (optional). The injection is
done by a large flow metering pump

9/ SMS Alerts/Remote fleet management. 

Local service

PURE CHLORE® installation diagram

Schéma d'installation Pure Chlore
application piscine connect pro
Connect Pro le module de pilotage de la gamme professionnelle.

PURE CHLORE® documentation

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Word of a pro


As soon as I became Beaugency public pool Manager, I did my best to replace the old hypochlorite installation with the more economical PURE CHLORE solution over the long term. Thanks to its great autonomy and to the reduction of the costs generated by its use, I convinced the elected representatives to install PURE CHLORE on 3 fundamental points: the reduction of costs generated, the drastic drop in chloramine levels and the wellbeing brought to the users. For technicians, the installation of PURE CHLORE is a small revolution. Previously, we had to regularly clean and empty the tank, remove the residue or unclog the strainers. Thanks to this generator, maintenance is greatly facilitated. The chlorine ensures a very good disinfection, while avoiding the chloramines, responsible for the unpleasant odor. For example, with the old calcium hypochlorite pellet, we had added two dechlorinators to stay below the permitted standard (0.6 ppm chloramines). By installing PURE CHLORE we had the test by disconnecting one of the two devices. Despite a temperature around 30°C due to a malfunction of the air recirculation system, the water contained only 0.3 ppm of chloramines. This summer, despite the absence of the 2 dechloraminators and the Increased attendance, we stayed within the limit. I am also very pleased with this solution because it has significantly improved water quality. Even after the passage of 400 people a day and without counting the courses of aquabiking which require an overchlorination, the water remains crystalline. The users, themselves, see the difference because their skin is less attacked and their eyes are no longer irritated.

We now only store salt. An additional safety for our technicians who no longer handle dangerous products and no longer wear masks. Beyond the safety aspect, the unique use of salt allows us, every week, to save 70% in consumables. I recommend PURE CHLORE to the other managers of collective swimming pools.

S. COSTA, Director of the Beaugeancy’ public swimming pool, France

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