A crystalline water


The principle of ionisation consists in treating water with copper ions (excellent algicide and very good flocculating) and silver ions (disinfecting and bactericide agent). The copper/silver ionisation is suitable for any kind of water (drilling, well, spring water) and allows reducing from 80 to 90 % the consumption of the chlorine.Ionisation treatment is particularly suited to tiled pools.

Easily adaptable on all type of filtrations systems, our ionisators also insure the surveillance of any eventual electrodes wear. POOL TECHNOLOGIE goes even further by proposing a treatment 3 in 1: copper / silver ionisation, pH regulation and automatic remanent agent injection. It is the most complete device of the market. You so get a fully automatic ionisation system.

Our copper/silver ionizers

autoclean uno copper silver ioniser

Autoclean Uno

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autoclean trio ioniseur cuivre argent

Autoclean Trio

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