pH regulator

For a perfectly STABILIZED pH !

pH regulator AutopH

The ultimate solution for pH regulation !

Smart pH: predictive regulation based on history for a perfectly stable pH (European patent)

Predictive and proportional pH regulation in acid (pH-) or basic (pH+) mode

Compatible with new European regulation (N°2019/1148): pH correcting agent adjustable concentration

Adjustable pH setpoint

Safeties : unreached setpoint, pH setpoint overrun and overfeeding

Very high quality pH Black probe

pH regulator AutopH pH probe

Cutting-edge technology

Electronic board with powerful processor

Boosted storage memory for instant response

Switching power supply for better efficiency

Optimized heat dissipation for energy savings

More features,

more comfort !

Intuitive navigation on backlit LCD display

Permanent display of pH value

Mutilingual communication interface

Multilingual alarm message : written message display of malfunction cause

“Soft touch” keyboard with quick access keys for easy operation

Log of events

Bluetooth remote control with e-Pool® app

Fits anywhere,

never rests !

Unique design and new user experience

Light and compact, can be installed in cramped technical rooms

Integrated silent dosing pump

Wall mounting Easy Fix for easy installation and assembly

Fully pluggable connections for an optimized grip

Easy Clip system for a tool-free opening

Improved sealing

New clear accessories holder

Forget strip testing !

Take the plunge with the automatic pH regulation…

Find out more about pH regulation

e-Pool®, the pH regulator
remote control !

Bluetooth control of your pH regulator

Ergonomic dashboard with permanent display of your pool parameters

Simplified activation of options: Plug&Play kit, ORP, pH, etc.

Assist mode: reports are sent to your professional

Software update available on the application

Subscription-free application

E-pool, App Store, Google Play icons
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  • Application E-pool "Ma piscine"
  • Application E-pool "Tableau de bord"
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Discover e-Pool

No probes, no measurements !

Precise pH measurement

High quality BLACK pH probe

Factory-calibrated and tested probe, ready for use

Probe protection tab for extended resistance

Precise probe calibration, 2-point calibration pH 7 and pH 10

Find out more about our probes


• Control box
• pH probe Black
• Calibration solutions pH 7 & pH 10
• Probe holder, injection connector
• Accessories holder with plugs
• Power cable (2m)
• Reducer 63/50 mm x2
• Wall support (with screws)
• User manual


• Independent flow switch
• Empty can sensor
• e-Pool® Connect Connected Pool kit

Technical features

Pump flow (l/h) 1,8
Type of regulation predictive
pH correcting agent acid (pH-) or base (pH+)
pH setpoint adjustment from 6,8 to 7,6
Calibration pH probe 2 points pH 7 & pH 10
Pool volume Up to 160 m³
Box dimensions (in mm) L140 x H300 x P97
Article code REGU20NPSP-G2


User manual
Sales documentation

Words of the pros

For 15 years, POOL TECHNOLOGIE has been providing me with quality service and reactivity. I know the products well, their reliability is 100%. Another advantage is the electrolysis cell; it is always a delicate point to discuss with a customer because it is an expensive consumable. POOL TECHNOLOGIE’s electrolysis cell is much more durable than those on the market. I note that instead of an average of 3 to 4 years, POOL TECHNOLOGIE’s lasts 5 to 6 years. For us, it is certainly a consumable that we replace less often, but in the end it is very popular with our customers. From an electronic point of view, these products hide their game well. They are really very technological even if this is not necessarily perceptible at first sight. I am amazed to see how little the competition knows about their technological advance…

Groupe Hyméo (34)

e-pool pool application

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