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a remarkable product

The Poolsquad Salt System is truly a remarkable product. This being the first pool that I have owned and had to maintain, I can honestly say that “It is a completely maintenance-free system; I would recommend it to anyone.”


Robert Murray Pool owner (USA)

We recommend Poolsquad

For the pleasure and well-being, a swimming pool must be clean and clear with a minimum of constraints.  We recommend to all our customers 2 or 3 fundamental products. Among them, the POOLSQUAD chlorination/pH combination is the most important. We install it in 90% of our swimming pools. Now anyone can have crystal clear water and optimum hygiene conditions by using POOLSQUAD.

“Buying POOLSQUAD is the best deal I ever made.  And, I can leave for 15-20 days; upon my return, I find the swimming pool in splendid condition while using very few chemicals” one of our customers recently told us.

As distributors, of course we encounter small problems once in a while, but we always manage to solve them quickly, thanks to the support and care of POOL TECHNOLOGIE technicians and managers.

We can do our job perfectly, and all our customers are satisfied.

Mirko Ponzano - AQUEOS PISCINE 
Swimming pool installer - Alexandria (Italia)

stable pH

Using AUTOSALT, and then later POOLSQUAD for the last five years, I especially appreciate the pH regulation. I am fully satisfied (constant pH leads to an easily maintained chlorine concentration with a lower wear of the cell).  The quality of my installation made some people jealous. A member of my family, with an 80m3 swimming pool already equipped with a chlorination system (from the competition!!!) wishes to install a pH regulator identical to mine.

C.LECOMTE Particulier 06790 ASPREMONT (France)

We're on a roll

We have been working in partnership with POOL TECHNOLOGIE for more than a year, the results are excellent. For technical questions, the personnel are competent. Also, during commercial operations, the company places some marketing tools at our disposal (leaflets, flyers) and reinforces our actions with promotional offers. In short, we’re on a roll!

Kai Engels
Spa-Pool Schwimmbadzubehör GmbH
Distributor - Obertaufkirchen (Germany)

Poolsquad 2G its effectiveness is beyond reproach

I realise high range swimming pools and propose POOLSQUAD 2G on every project. I’ve been installing them since 3 years. Its effectiveness is beyond reproach. This product fits perfectly with customers which don’t want to worry about their pool. The free chlorine regulation is very reliable, nothing to do with the concerns of maladjustment so common with ORP regulation. Early in the season, I just change the electrolyte. I then proceeded to 2-3 inspections in the season. Maintenance for me is much easier. In addition, the pH probe, 2 year warranted, is really remarkable for its longevity, which goes well beyond 2 years, and reliability. All this makes a beautiful set. It's simple, for salt, I’m only POOL TECHNOLOGIE.


Constructeur de piscines (42270 - France)

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