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Treatment by saltwater chlorination

Simple & effective

Your best buy!

Designed for swimming pooles up to 100m3 JUSALT ®+ produces a powerful and efficient disinfectant by saltwater chlorination. Your pool is free of chemical disinfectant all season lng. With JUSALT ®+ the maintenance of a healthy pool is no longer a hassie.

(for pools up to 100m3)

From a light salted water as 5 kg/m3 (1/7th as much as ocean water),JUSALT ®+ manages on its own the desinfection of your swimming pool.

JUSALT ®+ is easy to use ans install; a digital pad allows you to adjust the disinfectant production according to the water volume and frequency of use of your pool.

JUSALT ®+ guarantees an efficient disinfection and great swimming comfort.


- Hydraulic ground kit to eliminate electrostatic discharge

- Short cell (165 mm)for small installation area

- Automatic cover kit to modulate the production according to the cover position.

- Independant flow sensor

- SIMPLEO®: automatic pool controller

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