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For bathing comfort

To optimize the saltwater chlorinator

To protect the pool equipments

Thanks to an ORP probe, JUSTSALT® PRO offers you an auto-adaptive production chlorine system, a real sample of innovations. Besides, JUSTSALT® PRO maintains pH level at an ideal value.

With JUSTSALT® PRO, you avoid over or under chlorination issues. Thus you benefit a maximum comfort while optimizing the lifespan of your pool equipments (chlorination cell, cover, liner,..)

(JUSTSALT® PRO 60 for pools up to 60m3)
(JUSTSALT® PRO 90 for pools up to 90m3)
(JUSTSALT® PRO 120 for pools up to 120m3)

JUSTSALT® PRO provides three functions:

- An effective disinfection by saltwater chlorination

- An auto-adaptive production chlorine thanks an ORP probe

- A smart pH regulation to optimize correcting agent consumption

Saltwater chlorinator/pH regulator and ORP controller

Self cleaning cell by adjustable polarity inversion according to the water hardness

Display of water temperature

Proportional pH regulation adjustable set point from 6,8 to 7,6

► Acid or basic correcting modes

High/Low ORP safety

ORP probe warranted 1 year

Suitable for all kind of configurations: indoor pool, automatic cover, pool enclosure...


• Adjustable ORP set point and display of ORP value on digital screen

Proportional regulation according to pool volume. Exclusive technology allowing correcting agent optimization

Automatic pool winterizing and pool opening

• ORP probe calibration


- Hydraulic ground kit to eliminate electrostatic discharge

- SIMPLEO®: automatic pool controller

- Analysis chamber

Professional access



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