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Saltwater chlorination

Saltwater chlorination is an electro-chemical principle allowing natural and biological disinfection. It is carried out in a high grade plated titanium cell, polarised by a low voltage current.

The slightly salty water (1/7 as salty as seawater) passes through the chlorination cell, automatically producing a pure chlorine gas. This efficiently destroys bacteria, algae and chloramines without any residue or pollution.

You enjoy a perfectly disinfected pool, in serenity and comfort. Saltwater chlorination brings you:

Peace of mind and simplicity

  • When away, no fear of finding cloudy water

  • Your pool is automatically disinfected, its maintenance is n o more a chore

  • Easy setting and user friendly device


  • No more chemicals to handle, store or buy

  • Contribution to environmental preservation

Health and well being

  • Swim in pure and safe water when it comes time to relax

  • Enjoy therapeutic benefits of salwater

  • Forget sore eyes and dry skin




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