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Control Redox/ORP

ORP (Oxydo Reduction Potential) indicates the oxidizing or reducing power of a substance compared to another. More simply, it allows to estimate the overall appearance of the water from a health point of view. The ORP is measured in millivolts (MV). We can consider that water is disinfected and disinfectant when ORP value is between 550 and 750 Mv.

This indicator allow to:

- Reduce the consumption of disinfectant with a treatment by automatic dosage

- Optimize chlorine production of your saltwater chlorinator.


Operation with a saltwater chlorinator:

Saltwater chlorination is probably the most gentle and effective treatment for a private swimming pool. To make the most of your saltwater chlorinator, it is essential to control chlorine and pH levels.

Electronically connected to your device, the controller is the brain of your treatment installation. It constantly measures the amount of oxidant and command the disinfectant production according to the needs of the swimming pool. ORP controller is a measurement device complementary to the saltwater chlorinator. It can be purchased independently (JUST REGUL®) or be integrated to the saltwater chlorinator (JUSTSALT® PRO).

Operation with treatment dosage:

Based on the same principle as the operation with a saltwater chlorinator, the ORP measurement trigger or not the pump according to previously set value. The corrector agent injection is no longer a regular time interval but only when your pool needs

You optimize your automatic treatment device by:

- avoiding any risk of super chlorination or lack of chlorine

- limiting your consumption of chemicals

Your pool keeps healthy while respecting the bathers and the environment!

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