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Opening and closing your pool


When installing the device for the first time or at the start of a new season, it is imperative to check and correct the following 7 points:

  • The water temperature must be above 15°C.

  • The pool water must be clear and free from algae and sediments.

  • The water should be correctly balanced (Alkalinity, Total Hardness):

• Alkalinity is a measure of the level of bicarbonates dissolved in the water.

• Total Hardness is a measure of the water's hardness, i.e. the level of calcium or magnesium salts dissolved in the water.


  • The pH of the water should be stabilised between 7.0 and 7.2.

  • Filters and primary filters must be clean and used in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

  • The level of stabilising agent should be less than 50 ppm. The role of the stabilising agent or isocyanuric acid is to protect the chlorine from the effects of UV. A level that is too high will impede the disinfectant effect of the chlorine produced by the device. To bring down the level of stabiliser in your pool, follow the recommendations of your professional.

  • The free chlorine level of the pool should be greater than or equal to 1 ppm.


When wintering the pool (emptying the pool and/or stopping filtration), it is essential to stop the device.

Then carry out the following maintenance operations:

  • Remove the pH probe and store it in the rubber protector filled with drinking water.

  • Rinse the entire pH corrector circuit with fresh water.

Changing the pump tubing:

Each season, replace the peristaltic pump tubing and the check valves. The pH maintenance kit (ref. KIT05MAINQUA or KIT02MAINMTP) includes all the parts necessary for annual maintenance operations.

Cleaning the cell

In most cases, the cell's auto-cleaning function prevents deposits of scale. However, in regions in which the water is particularly hard, manual cleaning of the cell may be necessary from time to time. In that case proceed as follows:

  • Stop the device and the pump timer; close the cell shutoff valves.

  • Loosen the cell's electrical connections.

  • Loosen the cell's union nuts.

  • Remove the cell and check for the presence of scale on the electrodes.

  • To descale the cell, use the pH acid corrector or a solution of hydrochloric acid diluted at a rate of 1 volume of acid added to 4 volumes of water. Always add the acid to the water and never the opposite. Leave the cell to soak until the scale disappears completely, without rubbing the electrodes and without submerging the connection plugs.

  • Rinse the cell and then reassemble it.

  • Open the cell shutoff valve; restart the pump timer and the device.


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