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Water balance

Water balance depends on three elements:

  • The methyl-orange alkalinity. This indicates the level of bicarbonates and carbonates dissolved in water.

  • The total hardness or TH is a measure of the calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in water.

  • The pH of the water indicates if the water is acidic or basic. This must be stabilised between 7 and 7.2.

The balance of these three parameters is essential to the swimming pool water quality as well as to the performance and lifetime of swimming pool equipment.




Water that is too soft will be aggressive and corrosive to the equipment (filters, pumps, pipes, etc). Hard water, on the other hand, will deposit scale on the pipes, on the swimming pool lining and in the sand filters. 


These three elements can be balanced using the Taylor scale.


Hard water and polarity inversion

From 20° of total hardness (TH), water is considered as hard. This is often the case in France where two thirds of the ground is limestone basedHard water causes considerable scaling of the chlorination cell.

This implies regular checks and tedious cleaning.

To overcome this problem, POOL TECHNOLOGIE has equipped all of its chlorinators with polarity inversion. Polarity inversion allows cleaning automatically the chlorination cell (every four or six hours depending on the model).

POOL TECHNOLOGIE has taken one step further: to adapt the regularity of polarity inversion to the water in your swimming pool, some models feature an adjustable polarity inversion frequency from 0 to 24 hours. The harder the water, the higher the inversion frequency must be.

The adjustment must be done carefully: the inversion frequency has an affect on the cell lifespan.



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