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Pool disinfection

Disinfection removes micro-organisms (algae, bacteria, moulds, viruses, etc) from swimming pool. The resulting water is healthy and clean for swimming.

Disinfection may be done as follows:

- manual desinfection by controlling the pool parameters and adding chemical products (liquid or tablet form chlorine, algicide, etc)

 - automatic disinfection by the distribution or production of disinfectant using electronic equipment.

Automatic systems have the advantage of continuous treatment without requiring user intervention.

There are different automatic systems on the market:

- automatic dosage: automatic injection of disinfectant.

- automatic disinfection using different process: saltwater chlorination, Copper/Silver ionisation, UV, Ozone, etc...


The advantage of saltwater chlorination over other systems is that it produces the most effective disinfectant: chlorine.

 Chlorine has two advantages: not only does it disinfect the water (curative action) but it also makes the water a disinfectant itself (preventative action).

Other technologies (UV, ozone, copper/silver ionisation) are simply curative action. In swimming pools these treatment systems request additional chemical products to make the swimming pool water a disinfectant.



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