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pH Regulation

pH is the measurement of the acidity of the water. The pH of a solution will continually vary depending on the environment.

For a swimming pool, the ideal pH value is around 7. To keep this value and thereby avoid any unpleasant effects, it is essential to stabilise it.

To regulate the pH of a pool, a probe is fitted into the plumbing. Linked to a controller including a dosage pump, the probe measures the pH of the pool.

The controller compares the probe measurement with the programmed set point. In the event of a difference, the controller injects the quantity of pH correcting agent required to bring it back to the set point.

Automatic pH regulation allows you to avoid the constraints of testing and readjusting manually the pH of your pool.  It guarantees:

* The efficiency of the disinfectant: see the graph below.

* Swimming in comfort : no more red eyes, no more itchy skin, no more chlorine odour, no more faded swimwear.

* Water quality : is neither corrosive nor murky, and doesn’t cause lime scale.

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