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Chlorinator calculator

Volume of your swimming pool

Swimming pool shape:
Length (max)   metres
Width (max)   metres
Average depth   cm

Volume of your swimming pool  m3

How much salt must I add?

Your salt level must be higher than 3 Kg/m3.
In order to offset water loss, we recommend 5 Kg/m3 (5000 ppm).

Volume of your swimming pool m3
Measured salt level ppm Calculate
(1Kg/m3 = 1000 ppm)

You should add - kg of salt
(equal to - bag (s) of 25 Kg.)

Calculate the chlorine demand

Volume of your swimming pool m3
Filtration time  Hours
Number of swimmers per day  

The chlorine demand of your swimming pool is - gram(s) / hour
This calculation method is for a temperate climate.
In hot climates add 20% to the value.

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