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Commercial pools

Commercial pools distinguish themselves from family pools by their extensive use and specific constraints. We speak about private collective swimming pool when the pool is managed by a private institution as a hotel or a campsite; we speak about public collective swimming pool when the pool is managed by a public institution.

The treatment of commercial swimming pool is subjected to rigorous controls by health organisations. These controls are imposed by health public institutions in order to meet with the regulation quality standards.



Filtration is an essential step in the water treatment. It is important to a good disinfection. The chemical treatment comes after the physical treatment by the addition or production of disinfection agents.

There are different automatic systems on the market:

- automatic dosage: automatic injection of disinfectant. The injection of products cannot be made directly in the pools. POOL TECHNOLOGIE has developed a range of automatic regulation and control devices. DOSIPOOL range offers you cost effective and reliable systems.

- automatic disinfection using different process according to local regulation standards: saltwater chlorination, Copper/Silver ionisation, UV, Ozone, etc…Our OLYMPIC chlorine generators are specially designed for commercial pools.


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